Top 10 Programming Languages in 2014


You may have noticed that the tech world is booming with advancement. This is more so evident if you have used a computer or a Smartphone lately. Due to the very fast development in technology, the most frequently asked question by both experts and beginners is; which is the best programming language to learn. The answer to this question is not as straight forward as many may think as there are several factors to be considered.

A point to note is that the different programming languages there are vary in complexity as well as functionality. Therefore the choice of the programming language to learn is dependent on the task you want to perform. If you would like to create a basic website then learning the simple HTML language will do the trick.

If however you want a more advanced site with more capabilities, then you will require to learn PHP or ASP.NET. Let us have a look at some of the top programming languages in these times.

C Language

Arguably, C is one of the greatest languages there is. It is the language that makes machine reality. It is a general purpose language that has survived the years due to its vast use as well as because of the role it has played in the development of other languages such as Java and Python. C has become the go to language for even the strangest of architecture. It has even proven difficult to come up with better code than the one generated by this language.


Despite the fact that C was doing great, it lacked the object orientation aspect. It is in response to this problem that C++ was developed in the year 1983. It has earned its respect as a programming language and has been used in the development of many applications, device drivers, and system softwares as well as video game development. Some of the common softwares such as Google and Mozilla have been created in this language.


Java was created in the year 1990 by James Gosling. It adds up to the capabilities of its predecessor C++. Java borrowed a lot of capabilities and features from C++ and C. it was created on a principle referred to as WORA (Write Once Run Anywhere). This feature added to the portability of the language. All you need to do is compile the source code written in Java and later run the code on any machine that has a Java Virtual Machine irrespective of the operating system and hardware on the machine.


If you are into the creation of dynamic websites, learning the basic HTML language will not do you any good. You will have to go a step further and learn PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). It is a server side scripting language which was developed in 1995. Not only is PHP easy, It is also an open source language, which means that there are many modules built in that aid in achieving the desired function. In addition, PHP is an integral part of the LAMP platform which yahoo and facebook use.

Languages that are server side are good for web application. However, they put a lot of strain on the server. Therefore, some functions are given to the client side. The language that is used to achieve this is JavaScript. It is designed by Netscape and almost all websites make use of it. However, learning JavaScript alone does not guarantee you a job. It knowledge has to complimented by other server side languages.


Python is considered one of the easiest high end languages to learn. This is because of it straight forward, simple and readable syntax. For several years after its creation, this language was not being used but it has recently gained popularity with its use in Instagram and pinterest it also has web frameworks associated with it.


Another language that is however not to be confused for a development language is SQL. It is a database language that stands for Structured Query Language. This language provides an easier way to interacting with the databases in different applications. Its syntax is very close to the English language. However, its knowledge alone is not beneficial when it comes to finding a job.


Another very readable and simple language is Ruby. It is mainly used to develop web applications. Its use however began with Rails. Before Rails, it was just another obscure language.


Although it is not considered to be a true programming language, ASP.NET is a server side website application framework that is used to develop dynamic web pages and applications.

Objective – C

The Appleā€™s iOS and OS X are examples of the systems that are powered by Objective- C. it is another Object Oriented Programming Language that is widely used and has its origin from the C language.

Having explained the top most common languages, it is up to you to make a choice on which to learn having in mind your personal interests the job market for the language as well as its use. You may however have to learn one mobile platform, a web based language, and a desktop based programming language to be able to distinguish yourself in the tech world. You can use these languages to create awesome applications in any space even the bitcoin mining and litecoin mining.

Well that’s our round up for this year, now go create something.